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We wish to thank the following individuals and organizations for their generous donations to this museum.
Xipe Projects is dedicated to increasing knowledge and understanding of the rich ritual traditions underlying Latin American popular arts in general and the masked dance tradition in particular.
Your ongoing help in our efforts is very much appreciated.

David and Linda Caplan
Gallery West in Tucson, Arizona
Stan and Marsha Gontarski
La Ruta Maya Conservation Foundation
Los Amigos del Arte Popular
Jim and Jeanne Pieper
Lee Price Arellano
Giorgio Rossilli
Laurel Waters
Tom Kolaz

Ann Murphy

We are always interested in acquiring significant individual pieces or collections to enhance our ability to exhibit the best and most exciting art that exemplifies the creative spirit of the popular artists of Latin America.

Donations to Xipe Projects are fully tax-deductible, and whenever material donated to Xipe Projects is exhibited, the donor will always be credited as standard museum practice dictates and as our commitment requires.
Join us in our endeavor to bring the beauties and joys of the art we treasure to the attention of a wider audience.

Your donation will help us share these wonderful artworks with the world.
​For more information on how you can help, please contact us at:

Support Fund

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We thank you for your support!

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