Latin American Masks and Popular Art

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Chris Roberts

David Michel

Abe Sanchez

"Me parece muy buena la idea de haber reunido en este libro la forma como los artistas de la cerámica  plasman sus sentimientos en los candelabros que tanto significan en nuestra cultura.....GRACIAS POR TU ENTUSIÁSMO, DEDICACIÓN Y AMOR POR EL ARTE POPULAR MEXICANO."

James Caswell

Historia, Santa Monica, CA

Pilar Fosado

Victor Artes Populares,

Mexico DF

"It's hard to find an example in Xipe Projects opening exhibit of dance masks that's not aesthetically brilliant, historically significant, and culturally's a must see for anyone interested in Latin American or world material culture and native dance tradition...
enormous kudos!" 

Praise for Xipe!


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Peter Markman

Museum Director

Jesse Hoffman, PhD

Docent and

HR Planning

Alison Heney, PhD

Curator, Educational Outreach and Programs

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Xipe Projects is a non-profit educational foundation and is home to the

Peter and Roberta Markman Collection of Latin American Masks and Popular Art.

Xipe Projects opened its doors on November 11, 2011. Since then, we have hosted a wide variety of exhibitions, cultural events, and educational symposiums. 

Xipe's Projects now houses approximately 4000 examples, many of which have been previously exhibited by museums, university, and commercial galleries. The Foundation serves to disseminate information about and stimulate interest in Latin American masking and popular art through: 

- conducting and underwriting research that will be presented in publications, lectures and seminars.

-    exhibitions of material drawn primarily, but not exclusively, from the Markmans' extensive collections

-    acquiring, conserving and publishing information about the masks, costumes, dance paraphernalia and popular art of various Latin American traditions.

About Our Foundation