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Treasures of the Maya Spirit

2014 LA Art Show

Treasures of the Maya Spirit was an exhibition that celebrated Maya culture and its contributions to the world. The exhibition presented more than 200 extraordinary examples of Pre-Columbian Maya Art, and featured some of the finest examples of native Guatemalan textiles, antique masks, and dance costumes, as well as contemporary works of art by prize-winning artists and anonymous artist-artisans, reflecting the Maya region´s worldview.

Treasures of the Maya Spirit focused on the art and civilization of the Maya people and is curated by several organizations headed by Gio Rossilli: Sofia Paredes Maury, Fundacion La Ruta Maya; Ines Guzman, Museo Maya de America; Raymond Senuk, Friends of Ixchel Museum; Peter Markman and Dr. Alison Heney, Xipe Projects; and Adrian Lorenzana, Paiz Foundation.

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